Fringe Suede


I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to fully share all, about this Suede Fringe Jacket that has recently entered my life (and wardrobe). The hunt for the 'perfect' jacket has been a long time coming-I'm talking YEARS. There have been possible options that I've spotted along the way but I was always put off by either the quality, shape or 'type' of suede. However this one-which happened to also be a thrifted find for $4... had to be MINE. Spotted amongst the rack of their 'outerwear' section, I saw this one sandwiched between two others and immediately gravitated towards the fringe-obviously. This has undoubtedly become the bargain purchase of the year (so far).

Jacket - Thrifted (similar) | T-Shirt - RHCP Merch (similar) | Velvet Flares - Missguided (old-similar) | Backpack - New Look (similar)

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