Mom jeans and band tees are one of those combinations that are perfect for uni 'friendly' dressing. I have literally lost count of how many band tees I own which range across a wide breath of musical genres, from Baby Metal to Pink Floyd my collection has become endless. Now with uni in full-swing the beloved band tee is an item which I constantly opt for when I have no idea what to wear, paired with either mom jeans, wide leg trousers or even flares the styling possibilities are endless. And when the weather starts to turn a lot more chillier out come the roll necks, which act as a key layering item when dressing the 'tee' for the winter.

Suede Jacket - Thrifted (similar here) | Sonic Youth T-Shirt - (similar here) | Mom Jeans - New Look (similar here) | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban (link)

This outfit combo has become a recent go-to of mine, purely because it ticks the boxes of 'comfort' and looking somewhat 'put together'. I picked up this striped top back in July at one of my many Goodwill visits. As much as I love rummaging through the charity shops over here, looking for vintage finds. Nothing beats a Goodwill store as their prices are often very purse friendly, and the one I visited in Orlando was basically the size of your local supermarket. *HEAVEN* The stock itself was on par to items I would come across at vintage stores in Brick lane, but half the price-this top only cost me $3. Needless to say I'm most definitely going to bring an empty suitcase along with me on next years trip...

Jacket - Zara (link) | Top - Thrifted (similar here) | Trousers - New Look (similar here) | Shoes - Vans (link) | Backpack - New Look (similar here)

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Coconut oil has long been the ingredient known to rescue dry, damaged hair due to its strengthening and moisturising properties. So when these three products landed on my desk I was particularly intrigued to give them a go, as I suffer from the above due to having bleach blonde hair.

Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Smoothie is my chosen first product to use when trialling the trio, as the smoothie is essentially a hair lotion that deeply hydrates and restores your hair back to its softest 'frizz-free' self. I normally take a 50p size in the palm of my hand and run this all through my hair, when its freshly washed, and in the 'damp' phase of drying. Brush through and proceed to use the Leave-In Conditioner.

The Leave-In Conditioner is nifty product that instantly detangles your hair whilst controlling frizz and mending split-ends. I've recently been spraying this on my hair, focusing the on the bottom half so when I go in with a brush I'm not wrestling with this knots. As someone who's hair is already pretty damaged (bleach induced) this product is perfect in reducing the addition of split-ends. One of the best things about this product is that it can be used throughout the day, as and when is needed.

Lastly (probably) my favourite out of the bunch is the Coconut Oil Dry Oil Mist, as someone who swears by using hair oils this product is a blend of eight, including key olds such as Avocado Oil, Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil. It also is 'weight-less' meaning that whilst revitalising and re-hydrating your hair it doesn't weigh it down, which typically a lot of hair oils are know to do. At the moment I love to spray this when my hair is towel dried, and as a final touch to calm down any fly-aways and add an extra boost of shine to my hair.

Without a shadow of a doubt all three of these products smell AMAZING, and don't contain any Sulphates, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Gluten or Dye and they're all made with natural coconut oil.
In fact they are fast becoming essential products in my hair-care routine.

Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Smoothie (link)* | Palmers Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner (link)* | Palmers Coconut Oil Dry Oil Mist (link)*

Owning a faux fur jacket has been top of my list for this autumn/winter, after trying on countless versions you may of seen my 'fitting room' snaps via Instagram stories trying on a couple in Topshop. I could never find one I truly had my heart set on, don't get me wrong that pale pink Topshop one  (this one) was a high contender. But to be honest on a student budget my heart wasn't completely set on it.
Then whilst trawling through the Zara TRF range I came across this black one (also available in Cream and Pistachio) and completely fell in love. Price wise at just £29.99 it was a bargain, and being black (and someone who rarely wears any sort of colour bar my last outfit post) it makes the perfect addition to my wardrobe. So prepare to see a lot more of it, now its semi-appropriate to be wearing faux-fur out.

Faux Fur Jacket - Zara (link) | Silk Cami -Vintage (similar here) | Jeans - New Look (similar here) | Skinny Scarf - (similar here) | Shoes - Vans Old Skool (link)
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This is highly likely going to be one of my final 'summery' outfit posts of the year, as the weather has definitely started to take a turn and no longer are days of just wearing shorts and a t-shirt acceptable/weather appropriate.
This red two piece caught my eye as I've been obsessing over this shade of red as of late, despite being someone who wears mainly black 99% of the time, red is one of those colours that I like to inject into my wardrobe once in a while. And after *finally* breaking in my Vans, they are fast becoming my go-to shoe of choice as I love the way its adds a subtle skate element to an outfit.

Two - Piece - Shein (link)* | Shoes - Vans (link)
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As someone who is known for sticking to the same products time and time again and not one to branch to far out of my comfort zone, I thought it was about time that I upgraded my beauty routine with the help of a few new products.

As someone who opts for the 'double cleansing' technique when removing my make-up, I was particularly intrigued by Temple Spa's "Deep Cleansing Melt". Claiming to be one of those 'desert island products' that you can't live without that is enriched with ingredients such as vitamin e, calendula and lavender. This product definitely covers all areas for an intensive cleanse. The product itself is applied my taking a 'pea' size amount, warming it into your palms and massaging it all over your skin. I then take a hot (damp) muslin cloth, to remove before then using a separate face wash. I love how soft it makes my skin feel, it also doubles up as a facial treatment if left on for 30 minutes.

When it comes with using a SPF I'm never normally one to skimp on it, rain or shine it's important to protect your skin against sun damage. I'll admit I've used a few SPF 'face' products over the past couple of years, but the Life Defence SPF25 Protecting Moisturiser (also) by Temple Spa is fast become a new favourite of mine. In addition to how this moisturiser can help to protect your skin from UVA & UVB damage and other things like pollution, central heating, air con and daily stress. It doesn't have that typical sun cream scent, which to be honest I'm not highly offended by, but on a winters morning don't want to particularly smell of.

Another new handbag friendly product is the Perspirex Original Antiperspirant Roll-on deodorant. Now don't be fooled by the size of this product because this deodorant lasts 3-5 days, meaning if you forget to pop some on in the morning. Don't worry this lil' nifty product has you covered. I also love how you can layer it with your normal deodorant / body spray if you want a scent (as its practically scent-less). This is definitely a must for gym-goers and all-round busy people.

Speaking along the lines of scent I recently picked up this handbag friendly bottle of "1 Exotic Rose" which you can purchase from your local New Look store, or online. The concept of these range of scents is for you to layer them to create your own-unique fragrance. However this particular scent on its own smells amazing and is an all round handbag friendly 'throw on and go' sort of product.

Temple Spa Deep Cleansing Melt (link)* | Temple Spa Life Defence SPF25 Protecting Moisturiser (link)* | Perspirex Original Antiperspirant Roll-on Deodorant (link)* | 1 Exotic Rose Fragrance (link

Owning a pair of 'flame jeans' has been top of my list ever since laying my eyes on similar pairs via Pinterest. Ironically enough these are the exact pair of mom jeans that I featured last week (obvs. minus the flames) in this post. After a couple of days back and forth deliberating whether to paint some flames on that exact pair, I took the chance and decided to give it a whirl. *side note* a couple of "test runs" occurred prior to painting. And you know what I'm glad I took the 'risk' because these jeans have never looked so Pinterest.

Jacket - Vintage (similar here) | Top - Brandy Melville (link) | Hat - New Look (similar here) | Jeans - Primark (d.i.y) | Backpack - New Look (similar here)

The last item to come from my array of thrift shop finds, comes in the form of this stunningly detailed tapestry-eque jacket. That *wait for it* came in at just $4.30, which is (converted) a mere £3.30. Despite being purchase a couple of months back I'm still in shock with how much of a bargain it was. This jacket has particularly come into 'play' now that the seasons are on the turn, as it's the perfect in between piece for the autumnal yet mild weather that has recently gracing September.

Currently one of my favourite ways of styling the piece is with a pair of pale wash denim jeans, these are actually ones I dug out from the back of my wardrobe. After having an urge to buy myself a pair of something very similar, but then realising I already own a pair and with a simple d.i.y trick-cutting off the edges and fraying them slightly. They have quickly turned into my new (but not *technically* new) wardrobe piece, that are being paired with anything and everything.

Jacket - Thrifted | T-Shirt - Amoeba Hollywood (similar here) | Jeans - New Look (old-similar here)