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I am sure regular readers will know of my undying love for collecting band t-shirts on my travels, the collection is becoming endless and I often find myself on the hunt for others to add to my never ending selection.

EMP are kind of like a one stop shop for all things music/movie/tv/gaming related including selling an array of band merch. Literally covering all areas of interests including books, vinyls and jewellery to name a few. So, with that in mind I thought I would share a few of my favourite band t-shirts from EMP’s range, which are all (might I add) super reasonably priced.

As a pretty big Black Sabbath fan and already owner of a couple of ‘sabbath tees’ I thought I would add this to the wishlist. In their classic purple logo, this is one which is iconic in its nature and a must. Pink Floyd have long been a band that I’ve been obsessed with, their process of creating albums intrigues me hugely especially as Dark Side of the Moon is their ‘most well-known’ concept album.  This t-shirt captures the classic album artwork perfectly and would fit quite nicely with my other ‘floyd tees'. Another tee that caught my eye was this one by The Doors, a band from an era I adore. Everything from their music down to the way they dressed currently serves as major style inspiration. Jim Morrison is the ultimate 70s style icon in my eyes, who I’m forever taking outfit inspo from. Motorhead is another legendary band that I could not include in a wishlist – there seems to be a bit of a theme here with iconic bands. “Ace of Spades” is a killer track and Lemmy is a rock icon in his own right. Lastly is band that despite being ‘short-lived’ has made a long lasting impact, Joy Division's debut album “Unknown Pleasures” is still such an influential album that doesn’t date.

If you haven’t already then EMP are worth checking out if like me, your interested in expanding your collection of band merch or picking up a few items inspired by your favourite tv shows and movies.

This post is in collaboration with EMP. All views are my own.

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