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With the constant stream of social media hitting us left, right and centre. It is sometimes tough to keep positive and not compare yourself to the next *insert whoever/whatever that is here*. But sometimes taking time away and stopping (once in a while) can lead you to a fresh outlook of things that can help keep you in that positive mindset. With recent uni deadlines and life 'stuff' taking control of my time as of late, admittedly I lost my blogging mojo and couldn't stay positive in 'blogging' in general. But with these few small tips, my positivity has regained force and momentum.

1. "Stay focused."
For me this applies to the task at hand-whether that's work related or life related. It's a fact that 'things' can get in the way of even doing the simplest of tasks. But the way I try to get out if this 'rut' it by basically having a little talk with myself. A 'pep' talk as such. I just remind myself that I CAN DO THIS. I've had a few of these 'talks' in the past couple of weeks, and I have to say that they act as a constant reminder for putting these 'things' into perspective.

2. "Surround yourself with positive people"
Kindness and laughter are my top two attributes for a positive relationship, as laughter cures a lot of things. Likewise I've been always told negativity breeds negativity, so cut it out and your own positivity will increase. That's not say the occasional rant/moan is not needed, because sometime it is. And by getting rid of 'that' emotion tied up to your rant, I think as almost 'clearing' that negativity out.

3. "Tomorrow is a new day"
Remind yourself it is. Dwelling on what happened 'yesterday' is a waste of your precious time. Why not take the negative out of the situation and turn it around, because you never know what positives could come from it.

I am keen to hear if you have any other tips on staying positive.

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