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The 'blogger rut' can hit us when we least expect. We often find ourselves constantly searching for inspiration for the next post, but sometimes get caught up in the trends that hit us left, right and centre. To then find that we unintentionally 'give up' all together. This has recently hit me, as someone who finds that they constantly push themselves to create/edit etc fresh new content, you never are truly satisfied with what you've created. Despite taking a blogging backseat as of late, 'behind the scenes' I've been shooting outfits at every chance I have gotten, yet I'm reluctant to post them because I'm unhappy with the edit.

As a photography student it's often easy to get swiped up in the post-production style of things, attempting to achieve a certain 'colour tone' to your images yet find that they look the same as an older batch. As of late I've tried to stop this 'overthinking' from happening, because sometimes the simpler things work, and why attempt to make your photos look like so and so's, when you can stick to what works for you.

Hat - New Look (similar here) | Jacket - Vintage (similar here) | Top - (similar here) | Trousers - Vintage (similar here) | Bag - Radley (out of stock - similar link)*

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  1. Love the outfit and photos !



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