Brown Blazer

As of late the humble blazer has become an essential in my day-to-day wardrobe, as it is a piece that is extremely versatile to style, but it can also instantly transform a fairly casual looking outfit into something a little more 'put together'.

It's an item that is extremely easy to source second hand, as most vintage/charity shops will stock some sort of blazer suit. Which means you can quite easily build up a collection of the item, fairly inexpensively without the need to sacrifice on quality. Because of this it has become an item that I'm always on the lookout for on my frequent 'secondhand' shopping trips, as there is always a bargain to be had.

Brown Blazer - Vintage (similar) | T-Shirt - Band Merch (similar) | Trousers - New Look (similar) | Bag - Kate Spade (similar)


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