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As someone whose a 'living at home' student, and does a majority of their work at their desk, the workspace is one of those places which I spend a lot of my time at. Ultimately the space has to work for you, as if it quickly turns into an area which you despise working in, then your productivity levels will plummet. I've experienced this on numerous occasions, and my advice to get out of this 'rut' (so be it) for me is to switch it up and make it an area which you enjoy working in.

I personally began to do this by firstly moving the position of my desk, as someone who I would say is 'light sensitive' I'm always trying to maximise the light in my room. So by doing this quick desk switch around, into an area where the morning sun rays fall, has definitely began to improve my productivity.

Another thing is to spruce up the area with a few new homeware accessories, that needn't be expensive. I decided to fix up mine with the help of the Old English Company, a brand who specialise in all things homeware and stationary. There truly is nothing like some new pretty office stationary to uplift your mood, in tow with motivational banner flags and adorable mug coasters.

Notes Pad - link | "The Master Plan" Notebook - link | "It's Ok" coaster - link | "Monstera Leaf" Coaster - link | "Be Awesome" Mug - link | "Love What You Do" Banner Flag - link

*Post in collaboration with Old English Company - all views my own*

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