the ever evolving personal style

Personal style for me, has been an ever evolving 'thing' which to be fair is pretty evident on the blog archives. It is also one of those 'things' that I'm constantly trying to move forward with and adapt with age, as to be honest I'm (obviously) not going to go for the same style choices as my 17 year old self would as a now 23 year old. One thing I have learn't over the years, through using my blog to document this is that I've learnt not too overthink the way I approach styling as much as I used too, and to not fall into the trap of whether the outfit I'm documenting is 'in fashion'. From doing so I've learn't to literally just go with the flow with my likes and dislikes (fashion wise), and I honestly feel like I've subconsciously refined my style with this new approach.

Jacket - Vintage (similar) | Jumper - Next (link) | Skirt - Shein (link)* | Boots - Primark (similar) | Bag - Primark (similar)

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  1. I can relate to this! My style is always changing and adapting and I've learnt yo just go with it and wear whatever I feel like at the time.

    Lucy x


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