Current Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform, as I am forever finding visual inspiration and discovering new accounts. So below I've including five of my current favourites, that I am constantly checking back on for more images of pastel coloured inspiration. From brands that I adore, to illustrators, graphic designers and magazines that fill my Pinterest boards. Instagram is really the source of never ending inspiration-that also fills my 'kawaii' obsession on a daily basis. Let me know your favourites below as I am always on the lookout for new insta accounts to follow.

@lazyoafs- (For obvious reasons) I've been following this brand for ages. Their clothing and all round brand aesthetic never fail to disappoint and neither does their instagram account, which may I add is full of copious amounts of inspo. for the pastel lovers amongst us.
 @yokopium- A fairly new discovering amongst the favourites, which I came across after somehow ended up researching 80s graphics. Yoko Honda (the artist in question) using classic 80s graphics and illustrations to create her very own take on the decade. 

@baddiewinkle- After coming across Baddie Winkle on instagram I have been obsessed with her ever since. Her style is everything I aspire to be and when I'm 87 I hope that I too will be rocking those awesome outfits with some sass.
 @valfre- Isle Valfré is a mexican born illustrator who captures what its like to a be a girl, with oh-so relatable clichés and a touch of humour. Plus her shop is worth a look at too, if you want to buy some of these sassy creations.
 @plastikmagazine- This account is one of my latest finds. Plastik magazine is an independent visual-arts and fashion magazine, that regularly post cutting thought-provoking fashion photographs to conceptual art from artists and photographers a like.

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